Color & Draw
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Color & Draw

Web Application built using HTML5 Canvas

Web Application

Color and Draw is a drawing platform that was originally created to be an installable chrome application. It was previewed at the ChromeOS launch and was one of 10 applications showcased after the keynote address. There are multiple choices of background, brush strokes, color, stickers include in the application.


  • Built using the Dojo Framework
  • Uses the HTML5 Canvas Tag for drawing
  • Web Database for storage of artwork
  • Everything is loaded from local cache, local database, or from the network.

Main Menu

Canvas Selection

Start Page

From the start page, a user can view his previous work in the gallery or start a new one. The backgrounds available are white or black blank canvas, Letters Tracing, Coloring Book Pages, Photo Backgrounds and allows the user to import their own image to color on.

Coloring Book

Coloring Backgrounds

Coloring Backgrounds

The options for a coloring book background. The user can select one and begin drawing over the image.

Start Drawing

Drawing and Saving


Once in the drawing page, the user can change the size of the stroke, select multiple colors, place stickers, and erase or undo mistakes.

Save Your Finished Drawing

Store Your Drawings Locally

User drawings are saved in a local database and can be retrieved and managed through the gallery.