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Park Patrol

Android Application

About The Application

Park Patrol for Android is a native application built using location services to mark where a user has parked on a map. Once the user has marked his position, he receives push notifications if another user spots a parking officer somewhere in the vicinity giving them time to move their car before they're ticketed.

Intial Screen

User Location

Intial Screen

From this initial screen, the user can set see their position and the surrounding map.

Information About The App

How things work

App Information

A short description of the application, how the application utilises crowd-sourcing, and directions on how to use it.

Park Your Car

Tell the app where you're parked

Park Your Car

On this screen, the user can choose his current location as their parking spot and select a notification range and a time limit.

Crowd-Sourced Notifications

Keep an eye on your car

Crowd-Sourced Notifications

While you're away from your car, you receive any notifications of any park officers that spotting are within range of your car.